Agra & Mathura tour


Perhaps for the first time, I and my wife toured so many places at one Go. We visited following places:

  • Taj Mahal
  • Agra Fort
  • Dwarkadhish - Mathura
  • Yamuna Mandir - Mathura
  • Janmbhoomi - Mathura
  • Brindavan

It was a great tour and we enjoyed a lot. There were many experiences which I think would be useful for people reading this and perhaps for myself as well in future. If you just have to time to read some useful instructions, read only the bolded ones below.

Firstly, we went to Agra. The first place we visited was Taj Mahal in the morning. Being weekend, we had to wait in the Queue for about 2 hours to get into Taj Mahal. Anyway, wait was fruitful since we got to see one of the wonder of the world - Taj Mahal. Eventhough I had my camera, I went for some professional photos by Licensed photographer inside @40 Rs. Each. Then we visited Agra Fort, it was one of the largest Red fort I have ever seen. Then we visited Sadar Bazar, which is a good place to shop for.

Do not forget to take famous Agra Petha and Dal mooth from Sadar Bazar. Make sure to take it only from original Panchi Petha House, since you would find petha stores named same at all the places there.

Then we went to Mathura. There I kept my bag at the railway station cloak room. It’s a good and safe option but do not forget to have your bags locked otherwise they won’t accept it. In Mathura, you will have to reach before 11 am, to visit Dwarkadhish or Janambhoomi. Both are closed by 11am and then opened in the evening at 4:00 PM. To reach Dwarkadhish, take cycle rickshaw since Auto rickshaws are not allowed to go close there. We had food in Gujarati restaurant named “Babu bhai”, it was just near Dwarkadhish. Food was really good and home like for Rs. 50 each. You should try that as well. Janambhoomi has really great Krishna Mandir to visit. You would need to put your belongings including camera and mobile outside the mandir in Cloak room. Don’t worry, its really safe there.

Just  near Janambhoomi mandir, there is a Brijwasi Peda Store, take peda only from there. Again there are lots of Brijwasi peda store there but only one original is there, its big one having glass doors and looks like showroom of pedas Smile , going by standards of other peda store there.

Then we went to Brindavan – Bankebihari mandir. However, unfortunately we could not get into mandir due to heavy rain and water logging there and had to return back from mandir door only.

Hope you would find some useful information from my experiences here, while travelling Agra mathura.

Thanks for reading this!