Result of not taking care while Travelling in Trains

Don't let this happen to You, friends

Like you, this man too, had a dream.

Like you, he too pushed his way into the crowded train

Like you, he too wanted to get going before he got delayed

Unlike you, he slipped and fell in the gap between the train and the platform at Kandivli station.

And eight bogies went over him

Find out what happened to this man on

The man obviously has a guardian angel and supportive bystanders who told him exactly what he shouldn't do - move. And so, the man lay absolutely still as eight bogies of the train passed over him - centimeters from his head. Within seconds the 12-coach train passed and the man clambered out, unaided, unhurt, but too shocked to speak to us after his near-death experience

Untidy safety habits
Can trip you up.


Té la mà Maria said...

It visits spectacular blog irreverent and iconoclastic in Spain

Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Hey Vineet,

Its Terrific, really a eye-opener, thanks for sharing it with us, do keep up the good work.

God bless u.

amit said...

Good Bro,

Lage raho. Al the best.

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sumitra said...

thats why be careful
really nice shot
how are you angry guy?

geeta verma said...

geetu verma...
grt dost, keep it up.
u r making yr efforts true in real sense.